The People Sensible Enough to give good Advice are usually Sensible enough to give none

Its funny at this stage in my life everybody wants to give you advice about relationships/dating or about finding a job. A lot of people I have found just love hearing the sound of there own voices. There are so many people, magazines, and everything else to give advice. Its sometimes difficult to sift through it all. Or you get someone telling you that you should just take any job and in the same breath telling you just shoot for you dreams and don’t settle. So what one is it, do I work and focus on finding a good job that could help lead to my (dream job)?! Or do I take any job and hope that it leads to my (dream job)?! Maybe it’s either and that pathways can be opened to what will be best for me if I have faith, work hard, and am persistent. I want to find something that I can grow in and develop skills and abilities and that I can use to contribute to a company, society, and my family. I want to find something that I have passion about, that pushes me to learn, and work really hard. I have the hope and faith that I will be able find something I enjoy as long as I’m focusing on moving forward and staying close to God.

Finding Enjoyment

Life has been hectic being done with school and looking for a job. I have found that I need to dedicate time to those things that I enjoy. Some of the enjoyment that I have found is has been in the small things, whether its taking a walk, reading a book, or exercising. I have found these small and simple things have helped me to create what I like to call micro goals, goals that can be calculated on a day to day basis. These micro goals help me to feel that I am doing something of worth. Whether it benefits, my body, spirit, or mind these have kept me a float from feeling depressed or discouraged, but rather happy and renewed.

Finding the Right Thing

I’m on the hunt. It’s a difficult one, a lot of ups and downs. Its a journey that many before me have gone on it, knowing that doesn’t make it that much easier. The frustrations of feeling that you have completed a great thing (University). Only to find out that unless you have experience it’s difficult to find a good job. They tell you the market for jobs is great and so you put on your blinders on, plugging away at school. Only to find out that it wasn’t as great as your perception made it out to be. But non the less even with rant of cynicism, I know that there is something great out there for me to find. I am at a great place in life. I am blessed with good health, family, education, opportunity, and most importantly a loving God. I know the journey is difficult, I feel weak at times, however I know that I have a team of a support and I know that I am capable to make it through.